Frequently asked questions

Q: How secure is my data?

A: All communication between your web browser and the Pastel website is done over a secure connection. All communication between our own servers and the Harvest or Toggl servers are also done over a secure connection.

Q: Do you store my Harvest or my Toggl username and password

A: We never have access to your Harvest or your Toggl username and password. You will need to authorize Pastel access to your data once, by signing it to the Harvest or Toggl website and grating us permissions to read your Harvest data or Toggl data. We will be issued a security token which we will use in the future to access information from Harvest and Toggl.

Q: How long does it take before data is available in Pastel

A: All data captured in Harvest and Toggl will be available immediately in Pastel. When your clients do reporting in Pastel we query the Harvest and Toggl data directly, and no data is duplicated on our side.

Q: Can clients edit hours?

A: No, your clients only have read access to timesheet information for reporting purposes.

Q: Can my clients view data from other projects?

A: No, your clients can only see data from the projects which you make available to them. When you create an account for your client on Pastel, you can specify exactly for which projects they can view the timesheets.

Q: How to setup your Name, Sub-domain and Logo?

A: Get to the your settings page:

  • On the top right of Pastel Homepage, click login.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Click your full email address on the top right Dashboard page.
  • Click Settings for get to the your setup page.
  • Enter your Company name and sub-domain.
  • Click choose file button for upload your logo.